• Hands free operation (>3.0m dependant upon loop aerial size)
  • Direction sensing capability
  • Fast multiple (anti-clash) reading
  • Secure digital data exchanges
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Encrypted data communications
  • High fidelity reading (1:100 Million error rate)
  • ETSI EN300-330


The Cyphertag RVR1(4-2) is a four aerial, two output unit. The aerials can be arranged in many combinations and mapped to either data output, for example all four aerials may be grouped into one detection zone with a single ouptut reporting tags as they enter the detection field. Alternatively three aerials may be used to create one zone and the remaining aerial another zone, for direction sensing, where all the "in" reports are mapped to one output and all the "out" reports to the other. An RVR1(4-2) reader can be upgraded in the field to an RVR1(4-4) by adding an OV1 output module. The RVR1(4-4) can be used to create four independent detection zones each with its own output.

RVR1 readers are fully configurable using the RVR1-KB. All reader parameters can be displayed and changed using the RVR1-KB

All RVR1 readers provide Wiegand or Clock & Data, as well as Serial outputs.

TVP2 Performance test tags are recommended to ensure the integrity of the system is maintained at all times. Heartbeat outputs further enhance the integrity for safety registration solutions. For further details contact Identec Ltd.


Specification Details
Output Format: Wiegand or Clock and Data & RS232
Coding: Variable up to 64 bits
Physical Size: 300 x 230 x90mm
Weight: 1.5Kg
Housing: Grey PC case
Temperature Specification: -20°C to +60°C                        -4°F to 140°F
Humidity: 0 - 80% non Condensing
Power Requirements: 12 – 26 volts DC
Memory: Non volatile
Maximum Loop Size: 16m per Head Amp
Read Range: Determined by size of the loop antenna and the tag used
Speed of Reading: Typically 20 tags per second per antenna
Reporting Modes:
Customer selected – Dual or direction sensing


The product is suitable for numerous applications, they include but are not limited to:

  • Direction Sensing
  • Two Door Controller
  • Time and Attendance
  • Emergency Evacuation Monitoring
  • Personnel Safety
  • Hands Free Access Control
  • Personnel Identification
  • Article Identification

Ordering Information

Order as RVR1(4-1) for a four loop, single output unit.

Order as RVR1(4-2) for a four loop, two output unit.

The RVR1(4-1) and RVR1(4-2) readers can be upgraded in the field to provide more outputs by adding an OV1 output module.

Order as RVR1(4-4) for a four loop, four output unit.

An RVR1-KB editor unit is required to enable on site modifications. Any RVR1-KB can be used on any RVR1 reader.


Technical Details

Download the 1st manual for RVR1(4-2).