• Hands free reading range (>3.0m dependent upon loop aerial size)
  • Fast multiple (anti-clash) reading
  • Direction sensing capability
  • High fidelity reading (1:100 million error rate)
  • Secure digital data exchanges
  • Tag pairing option (MatchMaker Option)
  • Multiple aerial capability (Max 16-16) 16 Aerials, 16 Outputs
  • Full reader diagnostics
  • ETSI EN300-330


The Cyphertag RV1 uses state of the art digital transmission technology. The system has been designed to provide the maximum flexibility and control for security OEMs and system integrators.

Each reader unit is supplied with a comprehensive diagnostic package enabling installers, commissioning engineers and OEMs to ensure the stated performance parameters are always achieved.

The basic unit is designed to manage a maximum of two external, single turn, loop aerials/antenna. Providing two Wiegand or Clock and Data outputs with two Serial Outputs. Two volt free changeover relays are also provided which can be set to operate for different conditions.

The RV1(1-1) is the base unit which is suplied with 1 x AV1 head-amp enabling a single loop with data being output from a single port. This unit can be upgraded in the field to an RV1(2-2) two loop, two output system by simple adding an additional AV1 head-amp.

The reading range is determined by the size of the loop aerial/antenna and the tag selected. The basic rule of thumb being the larger the loop and the larger the tag the greater the reading range achieved.

The system is designed to provide fast and reliable reading of tags presented en masse. The speed of reading is dependent upon a number of factors but the typical rate for a continuous flow of tags is around 20 per second. The output data flow rate is variable and will depend upon the system to which the reader is connected. The output formats can be configurable within the reader by authorised OEMs and /or integrators.

The reporting mode of the reader is selectable by the commissioning engineer, currently twelve standard configurations are provided. These enable the two loops to be set up as independent loops, or merged to provide direction sensing options for controlling a lock, barrier or simply tracking tags through open portals. Two additional options are provided for customer specific configurations.

If required two reporting modes can be selected to alternate automatically as doors are unlocked during office hours (example: APB mode might be switch to Enhanced Tracking during normal office hours).

The sophisticated proprietary digital transmission system provides two very significant benefits, enhanced security and very high levels of noise immunity.

The Cyphertag architecture enables up to sixteen aerials to be added to a basic RV1 system, these can be designated as “in”, “out” or “independent” loops, additional aerial drivers and output modules provide the maximum flexibility for system designers. The design enables any combination of the sixteen aerials/antenna (example: 14 loops configured as “out” readers and 2 configured as “in” readers will enable a funnel shaped atrium to be monitored with just two outputs to the management system).


Specification Details
Output Format: Wiegand or Clock and Data & RS232
Coding: Variable up to 64 bits         
Physical Size: 325 x 285 x 65mm         12 7/8 x 11 1/4 x 2 5/8 in.
Weight: 2.1Kg                                 4.63lbs
Housing: Light Grey painted aluminium case
Detachable lockable lid
Temperature Specification: -20°C to +60°C               -4°F to 140°F
Humidity: 0 - 80% non Condensing
Power Requirements: 12 – 26 volts DC @ 400mA max.
Fixing: 3 x No 8 Woodscrews or similar
Memory: Non volatile.
Maximum Loop Size: 16m per Head Amp
Read Range: Determined by size of the loop antenna and the tag used
Speed of Reading: Typically 20 tags per second per antenna
Reporting Modes: Customer selected – Dual or direction sensing


The product is suitable for numerous applications, they include but are not limited to:

  • Automatic Staff Registration, for Safety Rollcall or Time Registration
  • Convenient Hands Free Access Control
  • Vehicle Access Control, Provides for Vehicle Identification, Driver Identification or both
  • Disadvantaged Personnel Access Control
  • Key Tagging and Asset Tracking
  • Wanderer Control
  • Personnel & Product Tracking
  • Sports Timing

Ordering Information

For a single loop, single output unit order an RV1(1-1).

For a two loop, single output unit order an RV1(2-1). This combines the two detection zones into a single larger zone.

For a two loop, two output  unit order an RV1(2-2). This version can be used for two independent zones, or for a direction sensing unit.

Technical Details

Download the 1st manual for RV1.

Download the datasheet for RV1.