• Hands free reading range (>3.0m dependent upon loop aerial size)
  • Fast multiple (anti-clash) reading
  • Direction sensing capability
  • High fidelity reading (1:100 million error rate)
  • Secure digital data exchanges
  • Tag pairing option (MatchMaker Option)
  • Multiple aerial capability (Max 16-16) 16 Aerials, 16 Outputs
  • Full reader diagnostics


The Cyphertag RV1(X-X) is a totally configurable multiple aerial and multiple output reader. The first X determines the number of aerials being monitored with the second X determining the number of outputs provided. Each aerial driver is capable of monitoring two AV1 head-amp units which are used to terminate the loop aerials. If an RV1(5-2) has been supplied it is possible to add a sixth loop aerial simply by purchasing an additional AV1 head-amp and reconfiguring the reader into an RV1(6-2). The output modules are also dual units, it is therefore possible to reconfigure an RV1(10-5)  into an RV1(10-6) without purcahsing any additional hardware.

This version of the Cyphertag reader has been used to monitor staff movements through eight adjacent independently controlled roller shutter doors using an RV1(16-16). In another installation an RV1(16-8) has been used to subliminally log staff entering a ship under construction from dockside stairwells and walkways where four aerials cover each entrance (2 x in and 2 x out loops) with a dedicated output for each pair of antennas. Hangar doors can also be covered using eight ground loops for the entrance and eight for the exit each creating a curtain of detection extending beyond 2.0 metres from the ground.

Full performance monitoring is available using TVP2 performance test tags which continually monitor the communications and other parameters of the individual loop aerials raising an alarm should any reduction in performance be detected. 


Specification Details
Output Format: Wiegand or Clock and Data & RS232
Coding: Variable up to 64 bits
Temperature Specification: -20°C to +60°C -4°F to 140°F
Humidity: 0 - 80% non Condensing
Power Requirements: 12 – 26 volts DC
Memory: Non volatile
Maximum Loop Size: 16m per Head Amp
Read Range: Determined by size of the loop antenna and the tag used
Speed of Reading: Typically 20 tags per second per antenna
Reporting Modes: Customer selected – Dual or direction sensing


The product is suitable for numerous applications, they include but are not limited to:

  • Automatic Evacuation Roll Call
  • Vehicle Access Control, Driver Access Control or both
  • Convenient Hands Free Access Control
  • Disadvantage Personnel Access Control
  • Key Tagging and Article Tracking
  • Wanderer Control
  • Sports Timing

Ordering Information

Order as RV1(3-2) for a three aerial, two output unit.

Order as an RV1(16-2) for a sixteen aerial, two output unit.

The size of the enclosure increases as the number of aerials and /or the number of outputs increase.

The configuration of the aerials to outputs is adjustable on site, however if a specific configuration is required please discuss with Identec at the time of ordering so the unit can be supplied tested and configured as it will be used.

Technical Details

Download the 1st manual for RV1(X-X).