• Hands Free Reading Range
  • Fast Identification of Uniquely Numbered Tags (typically 55/sec)
  • Accurate Identification (1:100 million error rate worst case)
  • Reads Through Any Material (other than metal) Without Range Loss
  • Numerous Applications.


The TC8 is an extremely versatile hands free tag. 

The TC8 tag is the latest in a range of tags and readers manufactured by Identec Ltd and which make up the Census® product line. The non replaceable battery provides typically 2 years operational life based upon 6 minutes interrogation daily. The tag provides a warning via the readers when the battery is nearing depletion. 


Specification Details
Dimensions 29 x 28 x 6mm (including eyelet)
Weight 8g
Temperature range -12 to +60°C (non condensing)
Housing Polycarbonate
Colour Black


The product is suitable for numerous applications, they include but are not limited to:

  • Article Tracking.
  • Tool Tracking.
  • Sample Tracking.

Ordering Information

Ordered as TC8 (TC8A - USA system).