Product Briefs

Cyphertag® Series

Index Description File Info
201 Emissions Levels from CypherTag Readers and Tags PB201.PDF

Cryptag® Census® Series

Index Description File Info
100 Principles of operation 70k, PDF file
101 Selecting the reader type 96k, PDF file
102 Reader and tag types, and reading range matrix 12k, PDF file
103 Emission levels 9k, PDF file
104 Site Survey meter 39k, PDF file
105 Software options on CR1 8k, PDF file
106 Approvals 8k, PDF file
107 Health aspects 6k, PDF file
108 User instruction 9k, PDF file
109 Polar plots for door plots and SL4 pods 53k, PDF file
110 Use of separate receiver pods 32k, PDF file
111 Advice for contractors on aerial installation 8k, PDF file
112 Screening 45k, PDF file
113 We have interference - what next? 10k, PDF file
114 Applications 23k, PDF file
115 Figure of eight loops 10k, PDF file
116 EMC implications on the reader's magnetic field 62k, PDF file
117 The nature of emissions from Cryptag Census readers and tags 15k, PDF file
118 Health aspects 2 15k, PDF file
119 Cryptag Census Tags On Aircraft 21k, PDF file
120 Noise levels affecting Census & Cyphertag 114k, PDF file