• Not exclusive 
  • Basic or Premier licence**
  • Specific to an application or a terrority
  • Single company agreement not transferable to a third party 
  • Worldwide sales for specific application 
  • Annual maintenance fee paid in advance
  • EMC approvals responsibility of licensee
  • Not to be used where personal safety is an issue
  • IDENTEC trade marks are not used
  • Rights default to Identec automatically if:
    1. Licensee company is sold
    2. Licensee company is liquidated
    3. Licensee company goes into receivership
    4. Licensee fails to pay annual maintenance
    5. Licensee is found to be in breach of contract


BASIC LICENCE refers to the use of IDENTEC tag asics and census reader /software already used in production. For this license the licensee will always be dependent on IDENTEC for the supply of tag asics and Reader software.

Examples of basic Licence

10,000 ASICS / Tags, unlimited Identec Readers Sourced from Licensor
Unlimited ASIC Tags / Identec Readers Sourced from Licensor 
Reader Configuration by Licensee
Unlimited ASIC Tags / Licensor Designed Readers Reader Configuration by Licensee
Reader “knowhow” package
Access to Reader Processor Components (H8, PIC)


PREMIER LICENCE refers to the use of the Identec tag software increasingly independent of Identec and/or generic reader software increasingly independent of IDENTEC. This will enable Licensees to develop their own system to be virtually independent of IDENTEC These Licenses will only be sold to companies registered in countries in which the rule of law will allow substantial damages for breach of contract and which recognise international I.P.R.

Examples of Premier Licence

PIC Tag & Reader Sourced from Licensor ONLY
Tag Code Property of Licensor ONLY
Reader Code Property of Licensor ONLY
PIC Tag & Reader Sourced from BOTH
Tag Code Property of BOTH
Reader Code Property of BOTH
PIC Tag & Reader Sourced from Licensee ONLY
Tag Code Property of Licensee ONLY
Reader Code Property of Licensee ONLY

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